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APB Installation Manual  

APB Installation Manual-1

After dismount factory brake parts, please follow below instructions 

APB Installation Manual-01

Clear hub mounting surfaces with wire brush and sandpaper to remove rust and debris.


APB Installation Manual-02

Grind the rotor in both sides to remove rust free coating before mounting to the vehicle. It is suggested to grind it with sandpaper or machine.

Squeaking issue migh happen if rotors were not get grinded (No Safety Issue), need to replace brake pads immediately to avoid further damage on the rotors. If rotors are damaged, will need to replace rotors and brake pads.
APB is not responsible for warranty claim in this curcumstances



APB Installation Manual-02-1

Rotors without grinded will transfer anti rust coating to the pad that cause squeaking sound


APB Installation Manual-03

Bolts on caliper bracket is required to torque 60 ft-lbs. (If over torqued, will cause damage on bolts and void warranty)

Bolts on caliper brake line is required to torque 18 ft-lbs.(If over torqued, will cause damage on bolts and void warranty)


APB Installation Manual-04

Caliper brake metal line is always face to the ground.


APB Installation Manual-05

When mounting brake pad, please adjust the bolt with an allen wrench inside caliper for better fitment of brake pad.(For 4 piston calipers only)


APB Installation Manual-06

Make sure brake pad is well placed & fitted in caliper.  


APB Installation Manual-07

Please follow below instruction for lug nut tightening pattern.


  • APB Big Brake Kit fitment is 100% bolt on, no additional washer needed, easy & fast installation.


  • Forged calipers with the largest pistons that provide the strongest stopping force. Firm pedal feel with precise brake feedback provides driver with safety & confidence.


  • 2-Piece slotted Rotors, with hardest structure, that do not warp for at least 100,000 miles.


  • APB kit comes with the largest off the shelf pads, easily to get when you need pads replacement.


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