Why APB?

● APB Big Brake Kit fitment is 100% bolt on, no additional washer needed, easy & fast installation.

● Forged calipers with the largest pistons that provide the strongest stopping force. Firm pedal feel with precise brake feedback provides driver with safety & confidence.

● 2-Piece slotted Rotors, with hardest structure, that do not warp for at least 100,000 miles.

● APB kit comes with the largest off the shelf pads, easily to get when you need pads replacement.



American Power Brakes (APB) is an aftermarket performance brake system company with over 40 years experience in supplying OE brake systems to automobile industry. APB specializes in 4x4 Pickup truck, Jeep and American muscle brake systems.

APB provides brake systems from designing, manufacturing to assembling with high OE quality standard and after market high performance. APB engineering team uses the latest CAD and manufacturing techniques in Finite Element Analysis, dynamic test and cycle test equipment, to find high performance and reliability solutions for the most difficult braking tasks.

Our mission is to bring customer the best, high quality and consistent products with 100% satisfactory service.

Roll Fast, Stop Fast



Terms & Conditions

Warranty Period

APB offers one year or 20,000 miles / 36,000 km (whichever comes first) replacement warranty on all our products. Customer must provide current mileage record to dealer / supplier to start warranty when installing product. This limited warranty does NOT apply where there has been a failure of the products due to improper use; breakage not due to defect; failure on account of faulty or improper installation or handling; or failure on account of installation in a faulty vehicle.

Warranty is invalid if customer not using corresponded brake pad or brake rotors.

Warranty is invalid if any color change on the caliper.

No labor or inconvenience maybe included in warranty claims. 



Any product damage during shipping, please contact carrier / shipper for compensation.

Please notify your supplier if there is any missing part after delivery in 30 days for warranty claims. 


Website & Pricing

APB makes every effort to ensure that the information on americanpowerbrakes.com is accurate, complete and current. Despite our efforts, there may be instances when information about a product contains inaccurate or incomplete data, including the product price or availability. APB makes no warranty or guarantee that the information on americanpowerbrakes.com is error-free, complete, or current. We reserve the right to correct errors or update the content on americanpowerbrakes.com at any time without notice. APB also reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order containing any error or inaccuracy.


Refund and Return Policy

APB does not take responsibility for wheel fitment. All brake systems should be verified for wheel fitment before purchase! APB does not accept any returns of brake systems due to wheel fitment issues.

APB accepts product exchange without 20% restocking fee (none warranty claims), customer will be responsible for any shipping cost during product exchange. The return product must be new (unused), complete, and with original packing.

APB customized product order is NOT returnable.